FreedomFiend.com was created by Justin Schwalm with the purpose of providing an online resource. This is a passion project and is my way of helping to back up and archive information for myself and others to share.

I intended to provide users with aggregated content based around the concepts of individual freedom, promote businesses that hold individual freedom as a first principle, and archive and share information that would be useful to a community that values such a philosophy.

If you think a source of information or business is missing from this resource, feel free to reach out at FreedomDemon@protonmail.com to review and consider your source to be added to this project.

To read an essay I wrote and understand my personal beliefs, check it out here: https://freedomfiend.com/a-great-awakening

Peace and love.


I use a simple view count tracker on my home page feed and for page views because seeing views makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Other than that, I am not collecting or using your data in anyway. I hope you are using a VPN. If not, please use one. Widgets used on this website may collect your data. So, again, get a VPN if you don’t have one already.

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