Ivermectin for Covid-19

VLA Comment:  Ivermectin is a srong parasitical.  What some of us understand is that this man made biological weapon (covid 19) is a nanotech technology installing a parasite holding a bacteria within its complex.  So it appears it would be necessary to take an antibiotic along with it as when the parasite is killed it releases the bacteria.  It appears to be the same technology as used in bioweaponizing vector insects (ticks and mosquitoes) at Plum Island, Long Island, NY.  Usually Ivermectin works in one dose.  Caution is needed I would think for overdosing.  Another drug used for parasites aside from the traditionally used Ivermectin is DEC which is a parasitical that can destroy your retina. We are forced to use it as we are denied Hydrochloroqune, a parasitical used concomitantly with an antibiotic, zinc and Vitamin D (and I would add salt tablets…see www.LymePhotos.com.

Best Covid Treatment To Date By Far! from Peak Prosperity on Vimeo.

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