Covid19 Vaccine Impacts (Adverse Reactions)

From the CDC:

In the first five days of administration of the COVID-19 vaccines, there were 112,807 doses recorded, and 3,150 Health Impact Events. That’s a rate of 1 in 36 Health Impact Events.

A Health Impact Event is defined as: “unable to perform daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or healthcare professional.”  The CDC says they have investigated and identified six cases of anaphylaxis.


Note: They are vaccinating pregnant women despite the fact that there were 4,250% increase in fetal deaths in 2009/2010 flu season.  Goldman study

Additional Note: They are not monitoring Pregnant Women/fetal outcome with this vaccine-CDC-ACIP Covid meeting slides. Dr. Tom Shimburkara is the same CDC representative on the Covid Vaccine monitoring committee who hid the slide at a public meeting  in 2009-10 that there was a 4,250% increase in FETAL DEATH REPORTS.

This is the documented facts on how the CDC, the March of Dimes  and other non profits hid the data on the massive increase of fetal deaths. 

VLA Comment: Questions:

  1. Are they vaccinating people who have already had covid and should have natural immunity?
  2. Experimenting on Pregnant women: Are they monitoring fetal death adverse events with VAERS of some other relatively unknown data base that they used to deceive the population in 2009/10?
  3. Is it harmful to get a vaccine when you already have immunity and antibodies?
  4. Are they quarantining those who get vaccinated but who are known to shed?
  5. Is this vaccine effective with the new mutation happening in the UK?

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