FTL Launches Social Network, Doubles Down on Decentralization

Big Tech is a big problem. The centralization of power has predictable consequences and we’ve been recommending alternatives to the existing social media megacorporations for years now on-the-air on Free Talk Live. However, we’re definitely not perfect at it ourselves, so we’re doubling down on decentralization – more on that in a moment. I recommend you consider doing the same, for as long as you are on systems run by Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and various other state-worshiping companies, you are at risk for a takedown.

At Free Talk Live, we’re big supporters of free speech and so today I’m happy to announce “FTL Social” – our social network that runs on our own server, where you can speak your mind without a Big Tech overlord holding an axe over your head. While “FTL Social” still technically centralized, in that it’s run on our server, it’s more decentralized than…

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