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The famous quote from the movie The Matrix, “there is no spoon” hits me hard. There is so much meaning in such a simple statement.

From the perspective of Neo and the child in The Matrix, the child is trying to teach Neo to recognize that the spoon is just a mental fabrication, or more precisely, a digital symbolic representation of a “real” object.

But what is a spoon to you? When you look at a spoon, are you actually seeing a thing which is called a spoon? Or is a spoon just a description of an object with a specific utility? At what point does a spoon become a shovel? Is it a spoon when eating cereal but a shovel if digging yourself out of a concentration camp? Or is it the size of the object?

Child: “Do not try and bend the spoon, that’s impossible, instead, only try and realize the truth.”
Neo: “What truth?”
Child: “There is no spoon.”
Neo: “There is no spoon?”
Child: “Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”

Ok, let’s move away from silverware. Let’s talk about something else, like, idk, government?

If spoons aren’t real, are governments real? What is a government? A government is an institution with a territorial monopoly on the use of violence over a defined territory. What is the difference then between a government and a mafia? The perception of legitimacy by those the monopoly is held over. Therefore, if a government were to lose this perception of legitimacy in the minds of the people living within the territory it holds a monopoly of violence over, is it now a mafia? With that logic, has it ever been anything but a mafia?

In reality, it’s neither. It doesn’t exist. The government is a concept, institutions are not “things”, they are a specific type of collective.

It’s also important to break up the word and understand what it means when pulled apart. So…

“Govern” in english means “To control” and is rooted from the latin word gobernar which meant the same thing.

“Ment” in english is used as a way to refer to the mind, “Mental” relating to the mind, and in spanish, “mente” translates to mind.

Govern ment, to control mind, mind control.

Hopefully you see where I am going.

So let’s return to the last statement made by the child in the scene I am discussing from The Matrix, “Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”

Ever been to a protest? Gone out with a bunch of other angry citizens and yelled and screamed? Maybe even burnt some shit? What did it get you? Why has the black community been asking for police reform for years and only seen an increase in the militarization of their local DP? When a black person gets killed by a police officer and they protest or even if they escalate to a riot, does it change anything? No. Why? Because they don’t care. If they cared about what you wanted, you wouldn’t need to protest. These politicians don’t tell us that they want to use the police to murder us to keep us in line. They don’t tell us they are going to wage wars across the world. They tell use the opposite while campaigning because THEY KNOW THAT’S WHAT WE WANT. Why then, I ask you, do we even have to protest? Because they lie! They do NOT believe in the ideals they spout while campaigning, those are just the things they know they need to say so you will vote for them. Once they get in, it’s a whole other story, and that’s why protesting, as we do it, does not matter. Because you cannot bend the spoon, it doesn’t exist, you can only bend yourself.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

You wanna know what would terrify these lying pieces of shit to their core? If just 100 people showed up to a protest and rather than yell, scream, throw molotovs, and fight with police they came together and said, “I am here because I am willing to change. I will work with everyone here to find a solution to the problem. I am willing to set aside our differences to find a way to cooperate. Together, we will create a solution.” And then they followed through. Something like WallStreetBets. We’re witnessing our power in front of our eyes. If you don’t see it, you need to look again. Freedom only works when you decide to take responsibility for yourself. When you do, the masses can make small decisions have huge impacts.

You are strong, we are stronger together. We can either bend ourselves, or be bent. What do you want?

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