Church Is Essential…Dan Dicks At The Supreme Court!

I believe church is essential.

I believe the right to worship our King together in fellowship is essential.

Faith is essential…

and the Canadian government is trying to destroy all of these good things based on a virus that has on over 99% recovery rate…

We must reject this government and their orders lock stock and barrel!!!

You know there are some people in faith based communities who say our governments are appointed by God and therefore we have to listen to the health officials…

Well do you remember when they told us to use glory holes and masks for sex?….you think I’m going to follow THEIR rules? Or cherry pick which orders I’ll follow and which orders I won’t?…

We have to remember the story of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego… The king made an order that they bow down to a golden statue and they defied it…they directly disobeyed their government because they knew what the king was telling them to do was not Godly…the king threw them in the fire and God saved them because they did the right thing….

We NEED to do the right thing today my friends…

This is spiritual warfare plain and simple…

when you can go to a strip club but not church, you know this is spiritual warfare…

when you can go to the liquor store or congregate at a bar but not church, you know its spiritual warfare!!!

When a pastor, a shepherd of the sheep, see those who are lost and looking for direction so he says come to drive in church in your own individuals cars and the government says no you can’t do that either, you know its spiritual warfare!

The prime minister Justine Trudeau doesn’t appear to be a praying man, have you ever noticed he never says my thoughts and prayers are with so and so, he only says “thoughts”….actually the ONLY time he ever used the term “thoughts and prayers” was when he tweeted “thoughts and prayers are not enough, we will ban all military “style” assault rifles!

He changed the lyrics of the national anthem from in all our sons command to in all of us command, because he’s a feminist and has a problem with the patriarchy, that is, the traditional family unit, the moral and ethical standards of Jesus Christ, private property, and capitalism!

I think that patriarchy deserves our respect because all of us have been in one way or another, a beneficiary of that system. Destroy it and you destroy civilization…and looking around these days it seems that’s exactly what they are trying to do.

From what I can tell the global powers that ought not to be are using Covid-19(84) as a means of destroying Western Christian standards and values in an effort to set up an eventual Godless global government.

But here’s some truth for you…Whether you like it or not Christ is the very foundation of our western civilization and the further we’ve been turning away from Him and his ways the worse things are getting.

Things were getting really bad in the lead up to Covid-19(84)… We have a father here in BC who is not allowed to refer to his own daughter as a she because she now wants to be a boy. He can’t call her by the name he gave her at birth, and when he did refer to his daughter as a she (because thats what she is), the courts had him arrested and charged with something called “family violence”

We have guys like Jessica “wax my genitals or else” Yaniv who abuses the system in the name of trans rights… He decided to use the Canadian courts to extort people for money for not giving him a Brazilian wax job…

I was banned on Twitter for simply just saying that women aren’t men and men can’t be women..

So there’s been an all out war on Christianity happening, then Covid-19(84) ramped it up a notch by cancelling church and now we’re forced to act bravely like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego did by defying these orders in an act of civil disobedience. So I hope other pastors out there will see this for what it is and do the right thing by continuing to be a shepherd to a lost and scattering flock.

And just so everyone knows when I started Press For Truth in 2006 that name I came up with actually has a triple meaning!!…the double meaning is “Press” like press on, but also like the media…but also Jesus said “I am the Truth”… so Press For Truth actually means press on towards Jesus…the sooner we all do that the much better off we’ll all be.





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