Supporter Exclusive – Anarchy Exposed Audio Book

I am proud and honored to present this exclusive gift to our supporters!

For the next 7 days from the publishing of this post our supporters get access to the audio book of Shepard the Voluntaryist’s new book “Anarchy Exposed: A former police officer shares his investigative journey.”

Terms you must agree to before accepting this supporter reward:

  1. You agree to not download, rip, or share the audio files. You may listen only on and through SoundCloud’s web site or app.
  2. You agree to not share this link with anyone who is not a current Disenthrall / Anarchast supporter and that has agreed to these terms.

I was honored to be asked to do the voice performance for Shepards book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thank you supporters!!


PS: If you find errors in this audio performance or in the printed book Shepard asks that you let him know at his email address:

Here is the exclusive not for sharing private link to the playlist on soundcloud:

Here is the Amazon link to the paper copy of the book on Amazon:

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