A British Grandma loses 84.000 USD to crypto scammers

A British Grandma falls victim to crypto scammers after trying to send grandchildren to private school, according to The Telegraph.

Amanda Briggs, which is the made-up name of the 72-year old victim, who wanted to pay for her four grandchildren to go to private school lost almost £65,000 (84.000 USD) to a cryptocurrency scam and fraudsters who claimed to be from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) contacted the woman a few months afterwards via email and cajoled her into paying £25,000 under the premise of returning her initial loss.

She sent £40,000 into confirmed scam broker Extick that got eventually shut down.

“The [Extick] people were very persuasive and I could see the upward movement of my investments.” she said.

Her bank, Barclays, warned her against the dubious investment but the grandma refused to pay heed to the sound advice.

When the victim decided to withdraw her money, she found out that it had already evaporated, with only a pitiful £91 left in her account.

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