New Call In Number + Announcing SIP Call-In Support

You may have noticed that this week we changed the call-in line number to 202-380-3699. We’d been having trouble with the 603 number and are currently working to port it into our new system, but that may take up to two weeks and may not even work at all. So until further notice, we’ll be using 202-380-3699 to take your calls.

But that’s not the only news. Now we can accept SIP calls at this SIP address:

Don’t know what SIP is? It’s a free method of making high quality calls online. You can now use SIP to call in to Free Talk Live from anywhere on the planet. If you already know how to SIP, give us a call with your favorite audio-only client. If you’re new, here’s an easy way to jump in and try:

The first thing you need is a SIP account and there are multiple free options, such as , , or…

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