LRN.FM Has Transitioned to Streaming Podcast Network

Big news: LRN.FM has transitioned! The 12-year liberty-oriented streaming audio channel is now nearly wall-to-wall podcasts instead of live shows. The only remaining live program is Free Talk Live. In our earlier days, we had live shows every weekday from 9am all the way through Midnight and still other live shows on the weekends. Over the years, they either ceased production entirely or switched to being recorded and podcasted. Given that it’s easier and more convenient to record shows and most of them weren’t focused on taking calls so there was no reason to be live, it’s clear this transition was inevitable. The LRN.FM mission remains the same, however – to bring you the best liberty-oriented talk content out there, in a streaming format. It’s a way to discover new shows as a listener and of course it provides 24/7 audio for broadcasters looking to program their radio stations with freedom-friendly shows.

As the final piece of…

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