We’re testing streaming on Odysee & LBRY! :: New Shows on LRN.FM

Several years ago, we were one of the first shows to begin experimenting with LBRY , the decentralized, blockchain-based media protocol. Over the last year LBRY launched a front-end site, Odysee to compete with centralized video services like YouTube. The move was well-timed as last year YouTube went even more control-freak than before and began cracking down on any channels criticizing or questioning the government gang’s position on COVID. As a result, content creators who care about freedom of speech and who want to protect their content from takedowns have been moving to the uncensorable Odysee , which is now a top 2,500 website in the world, according to web ranking site Alexa .

With LBRY’s easy-to-use YouTube Partner Program , people with YouTube channels can…

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