FOX News has been replaced! + New Podcast on LRN.FM: “RADICAL”

Listeners have asked regarding our live streams over the years, “Why are you airing FOX News?” The answer was: because the liberty newscasts had ceased production and I couldn’t find any other alternatives. FOX seemed to be the only option for the top-of-hour news position in our broadcast clock. All talk radio follows the format of news-on-the-hour, and so does LRN.FM during our live and encore programs, so I have to put something there.

Thanks to the suggestion from LRN.FM affiliate WZQR-FM, we’ve now replaced FOX with “Feature Story News”. No, they aren’t libertarian, but they aren’t FOX. We’re actually paying $15 a month for their service, and so there are no commercials in their newscasts, which is a nice change. They are a decades-old service with reporters around the globe. Plus, since they offer a three-minute newscast in addition to a five-minute, we are now airing their five-minute news at the top of the hour and their three-minute at the bottom, so we now have…

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