Captain Kickass, Bonnie, & Nikki Join the LRN Matrix Server!

In recent days the number of Free Talk Live hosts who have joined the LRN.FM Matrix chat server has increased to include Captain Kickass, Bonnie, and Nikki! If you haven’t heard, we launched our Matrix server a while back to give us control over our chat system instead of leaving it in the hands of the censor-y big tech companies like Discord. It’s an open source system that is self-hosted and federated with other Matrix servers around the planet. If you are already on Matrix, you can join in some of our chat rooms, but other rooms are exclusively for people who have accounts on our server, which is located at . You can get step-by-step instructions on how to join by visiting

You can join one of dozens of existing chat rooms, or make your own, whether public or completely private – encrypted or unencrypted. You decide.

Also, Captain Kickass and Bonnie…

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