Ethereum-based fantasy football platform Sorare announced a partnership with FC Bayern Munich


German Bundesliga champions and the 2020 German Championship, Football Club Bayern Munich, signed a partnership allowing Sorare to recruit players from the in-game club. But this is not the point; the important point is that Sorare is a fantasy soccer video game based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

German soccer club FC Bayern Munich entering the world of Ethereum blockchain-based fantasy soccer

In Sorare, users can trade limited edition football player cards and build teams with players like Cristiano Reynaldo and Neymar, earning in-game prizes based on an athlete’s performance in real life. FC Bayern Munich is the third Bundesliga club to partner with Sorare, with 100 clubs currently cooperating, including famous names such as Paris Saint-German, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, and Atletico Madrid.

By signing with football clubs famous for her fantasy soccer background, Sorare promotes blockchain and digital assets in everyday life. Because the assets are minted using blockchain technology, they have a scarcity of integration and a clearly identifiable owner.

Sorare recently raised $ 4 million in seed funding to help develop the platform even further. Blockchain games are growing in popularity and last year accounted for most dApp usage in the decentralized ecosystem.

Other blockchain platforms such as Crypto Kitties and Open Sea have developed a large user base that trades collectible assets and blockchain transaction tokens.

Crypto Kitties became so popular in 2017 that it clogged the Ethereum network as players bred and traded digital cats on the network. Furthermore, Open Sea users bought and sold transaction tokens for tens of thousands of dollars.

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